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Julián Weich offered help to Javier Milei: “I would ask him how I can be useful to him”


Julian Weich offered to help the government management of Javier Milei with “some ideas” that can “do good for Argentina.”

What Julián Weich said about Javier Milei

In dialogue with Luis Novaresio for the cycle + Interviews (La Nación +), Julián Weich referred to the crisis that crosses the Argentina and said that he would like to make himself available to the head of state to collaborate in whatever way he can.

When Novaresio asked him what he thought of Milei, the former host of El Nueve laughed. “How crazy Javiercito is… How crazy he is!”using a Yiddish term that refers to a person “who does crazy, atypical things.” “For those who are countrymen, it is a nice way, right?” Novaresio noted.

When asked what he would say, he said: “What would I say to Milei? What do I know? ‘How I can help? How can I be useful?’ I don’t think anything, right? But how can I be useful? ‘What I know can do good for Argentina?'” “I have some ideas,” He said, “but no one ever asked me or I never said them in the right place, or they are idealistic.”

The UNICEF ambassador said that the situation of children’s poverty eats at his mind and that he always thinks about the well-being of society, “No one defends the children because the kids go on marches, they don’t go to the pickets, they don’t go to complain, they are victims,” ​​said the driver, who recently traveled to Chaco’s Impenetrable.

For Weich, “the social goes the other way,” and while “politics has the tool to solve problems, but sometimes they don’t use it and it becomes a weapon.”

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