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Juliana “Furia” Scaglione must leave the Big Brother house: why and what would be the exit protocol


Juliana Furia Scaglione will leave the house Big Brother (Telefe) momentarily and Santiago del Moro revealed the details in a statement.

Why is Fury leaving Big Brother?

Through his Instagram accountthe reality show host announced: “Friends, I want to tell you something important. Juli will soon leave the Big Brother house, as the doctors have decided to expand clinical studies.”

Then he added: “She is the only one who will choose what to tell, and obviously when the health professionals consider it so, she will return home and continue in the competition.”

Santiago del Moro announced the momentary departure of Furia from Big Brother
Santiago del Moro announced Furia’s temporary departure from Big Brother. (Capture: Instagram)

What is the exit protocol in Big Brother?

After the news, fans began to speculate about what his departure would be like and Gaston Trezeguet assured in To the Barbarossa (Telefe) who probably has a protocol to comply with to not receive information from outside.

It should be noted that, when Agostina Spinelli He answered the red phone at the time, She had to simulate an expulsion from the house, and a producer blindfolded her so he could take her to the SUM with the intention of not seeing with his own eyes what was around him.

In this case, the panelist explained that in many editions, including those in other countries, headphones are usually used so as not to hear anything other than the doctors themselves when the studies have to be done.

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