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Juliet Czupiak, the 7-year-old girl who went viral for interviewing Mirtha Legrand: “I want to be just like you”


Juliet Czupiakthe seven-year-old mini journalist who interviewed great figures, this time she had the opportunity to do so with Mirtha Legrand and the little girl went viral on social networks.

Who is Juliet Czupiak?

Yes ok Juliet it is already known through his Instagram account where he has more than 20,000 followers, the networks exploded when he interviewed one of the most important figures on television.

After recording the programs Mirtha’s Night and Having lunch with Juana (El Trece)the mini journalist crossed to the Chiqui and expressed his admiration for her: “The first thing is that I want to congratulate you for everything you do. I want to be the same, but just like you. I love everything you do.”

Instantly, Juliet He wanted to know when and how his career had started. Knowing that Mirtha He has a long career in his profession, he responded in a few words: “I started very small, more or less like you.”

Later, he asked for advice Legrand for people who want to continue in the media. “That you study, that you dedicate yourself to your career and that you never lose that charm and sympathy that you have”stated the driver.

The mini journalist did not miss the opportunity and showed her happiness: “Yes, the long-awaited day arrived. I was able to make my little note to Mrs. @mirthalegrand. Since I started in this, I always dreamed of meeting and interviewing her.”

“Since I was very young at home, we always watched his program and I played sitting at the end of the table, sitting down with my stuffed animals, asking them questions and playing “Lunching with Juliet””, the little girl said.

Juliet Czupiak
Juliet Czupiak about the interview with Mirtha Legrand. (Capture: Instagram)

“Thank you for this unique and unforgettable moment. I will always remember this day, I was moved and very happy to meet her.
Thank you to your team for those applause and beautiful words.”
finished Juliet Czupiak.

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