Monday, May 20, 2024

K4OS, the new Argentine girl band inspired by K-pop, released their new song “Extra”


K4OSthe new Argentine female group of the wave called A-Pop with K-Pop influencereleased his second single titled “EXTRA”, and it was a trend on the Internet.

On May 14 at 7 p.m., Lily, Mechi, Ine and Tau They presented their second single, “EXTRA“. The song became a trend under the label #K4OS_EXTRA.

Who makes up K4OS

The group K4OS It is made up Mariana Taurozzi (19 years), Ines Civit (21 years), Mercedes Bitzer (20 years) and Lynette Ladelfa (18 years). All of them, trained as singer-songwriters, dancers and actresses, are bringing new sounds inspired by K-pop, innovating in the Argentine pop.


Who is the leader of K4OS

Like any group inspired by K-Pop dynamics, each member has their position within it.

  • Mariana Taurozzi (Tau): leader, main voice,
  • InΓ©s Civit (Ine): vocalist
  • Mercedes Bitzer (Mechi): vocalist
  • Lynette Ladelfa (Lily): main dancer

What was the first K4OS song?

The band started when Taurozzy called three girls to put together a girl band, and that’s how they met Ine, Mechi and Lily. In their first meeting they created many songs, among which “Chaos“, which now served as their debut single.

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