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Kangaroo caught hopping around Florida apartment complex

In a list of things you wouldn’t expect to see hopping around a Florida apartment complex, a kangaroo would come pretty near the top.

Yet that’s what one astonished resident in Tampa found early Thursday morning, according to aerial night vision footage showing the creature making its way around a pool area.

Police also released the audio of the unlikely emergency call.

“911, do you need police, fire or medical?” the dispatcher asks. The caller replies: “I guess police, because there’s a kangaroo in my apartment complex.”

“It’s kind of a large kangaroo — we’ve got it closed into the pool gated area,” the dispatcher is heard to say on the call, updating other emergency responders on the case.

“Earlier this morning, our deputies responded to a call in Tampa for a loose kangaroo where they were able to trap in an apartment complex’s pool area,” Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office added that its agriculture unit reunited the kangaroo with its owner after its proper registration was established and verified.

The sheriff’s office didn’t say how the kangaroo got free, but it is legal to keep them as pets in Florida with the right permit. The Tampa Bay Times reported that its name, appropriately, is Hopper.

Kangaroos, marsupials native to Australia, can grow to almost 6 feet in height and weigh nearly 200 pounds.

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