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Lala Bruzoni announced her separation from Juan Pablo Varsky through a heartbreaking statement: “It is a very sad moment”


Juan Pablo Varsky and Lala Bruzoni They separated after nine years together and she shared a heartbreaking statement online.

The journalist and the businesswoman put an end to their relationship after nine years and a daughter together. They met in 2015, in 2021 they got married and managed to form a blended family, since they both have children from previous marriages.

Why Juan Pablo Varsky and Lala Bruzoni separated

Through a heartfelt open letter on Instagram, Lala Bruzoni announced his separation from Juan Pablo Varsky and expressed: “I have been a great promoter of second chances in love; I have narrated in every possible way that loving again is possible with the example of a new child and a new love. And how was I going to be able to love someone new, another child, if all my love had already happened? The second child arrives, the third and the heart expands. The second love of your life arrives and your heart continues to grow. This happened to me when I met Juan in September 2015.”

Lala Bruzoni announced her separation from Juan Pablo Varsky

Together we create a family full of life. Those who knew us, our family and friends know it. Our family was also full of challenges. Assembling is a fantastic science. “I don’t know if it can be forever if it’s done consciously,” he continued.Today our children are united by the light of our lives. Lupita. They keep a lot of love lived together“, he celebrated.

“And our love is honored by our best intention when loving each other. Juan and I have decided to separate. We will all remain united when we need each other“said the businesswoman.

Lala Bruzoni announced her separation from Juan Pablo Varsky

“Juan and I have been trying for a long time not to make mistakes. And taking this step aside as a couple today may help us not lose all the wonderful things we have left as Lupe’s parents and as the companion-father of Juani, Pipe and Ichu that Juan was for us. It is a very sad time and there are children in full emotional development that it is important to protect.“, he expressed.

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