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Lali Espósito came to the crossroads after criticism for her return to a Factor X Spain participant: “It’s part of the program”


Lali Esposito He received strong criticism online for his return to an X Factor participant in Spain and, after the commotion, he came out online.

The artist is part of the jury of the reality show, and in the last few hours her name was trending on the network for being the only one who did not say yes to a participant from Paraguay.

What happened to Lali Espósito in Factor X Spain

After the presentation of the contestant Ayelen Alfonso, Lali Esposito He differentiated himself from his fellow jurors and expressed: “I don’t know if we have the time in the duration of the program to finish finding out if Aye has the X Factor or not. for what you are looking for. She is a great artist, she has it in her blood, but for me it’s a nowith a lot of respect.”

This decision generated a stir on the network among fans of the program, and the Argentine interpreter came to the crossroads: “Hey, there are people flashing bad vibes in my words towards a beautiful singer, Aye, who appeared on X Factor“.

The release of Lali Espósito

It is part of the program that, sometimes, we ask them to sing something else, another style or give feedback where we look for ‘something more’ to get to know the artist. Each of us has to put together teams and think about what we want to have. It is said no sometimes and nothing determines anyone’s talent or ability.. You are never disrespectful or rude. It’s a show and both my colleagues and I are respectful of the artists who stand there. A kiss to everyone,” he concluded. Lali Esposito.

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