Lali Espósito spoke again about her conflict with Javier Milei: “I am not on the side of any ruler, but of the people”

Lali Espósito spoke again about her conflict with Javier Milei: “I am not on the side of any ruler, but of the people”

Lali Esposito He again stressed the importance of defending culture and recalled his conflict with Javier Mileiwho accused her of living off the State.

The artist went through the streaming of Moria Casan, Mothership (Extraterrestrial Picnic), and spoke again about the attack he received following his clash with the president.

“They created a kind of hatred between us. They wanted to install things that are lies and misinform people. about how shows that are free for people work. And that’s where the discussion of ‘it’s not free because we all pay for it’ comes in. It’s culture,” he said. Lali Esposito. (Video: X @agus_rey).

“It started a positive discussion, so I wasn’t upset. Very strange doors were opened, to explain very obvious things“, he assured. “I am not on the side of any ruler, but of the people.“We sing, people decide to come and see us, sometimes it is in private shows too, like my Vélez, where people pay an entrance fee,” he said firmly.

On the specific conflict with Javier Milei and the hate On social media, the actress expressed: “They used me as a front, but they wanted to make people believe that everything was a rip-off. All I did was defend the culture of which we are a part.“.

What happened between Lali Espósito and Javier Milei

Mariana Espóstio, known worldwide as Lalihe responded to the president months ago Javier Milei with a forceful and extensive text after his new attack in the middle of an unusual war. Previously, a waterfall of famous people and members of different areas They came to the artist’s defense, including the host Pedro RosemblatHis couple.

“Mr. President, Javier Milei. My name is Mariana Esposito. I was born in Parque Patricios, in the south of the city of Buenos Aires. I am 32 years old and I have been working for 22 years. I started working at the age of 10 in Television,” Lali began her statement after the President of the Nation called her.Lali Depot” and accused her of “taking payments from various governments.”

Lali Espósito spoke again about her conflict with Javier Milei: “I am not on the side of any ruler, but of the people”

And he continued: “In those years I had the good fortune to participate in series and shows with enormous success. Those experiences allowed me to learn, grow in the industry, become more professional and earn money to help my family. I was able to buy my parents a house, Mr. President! You don’t know how exciting that is. Not only that, by working on those series, commercials and films I was even able to buy my own house, something that is not only far away, but unfortunately impossible for many of the young people in our country. That’s why I emphasize: Do you know how proud that is?

“It is a privilege to have grown and progressed doing what I love. I worked tirelessly and honestly “I’m so excited to make it happen. I’ve been working in music for a little over 10 years. I started independently, investing what I earned on TV in my musical project and people supported it and made it grow non-stop until I was able to make my first full soccer stadium last year, produced privately and with my mother and my family being part of my work team, a huge emotion. I made 5 albums that people received with love and respect and that led me to make beautiful national and international tours in many countries around the world during all these years,” explained the singer. Argentine actress, singer and songwriter32 years old.

Lali Esposito discharged Javier Milei

In addition to developing as an artist, I was able to do so as a producer in fiction and give work to many people.I understand that you imagine the pride that represents. I don’t want to bore you. What I wanted to tell you is that I don’t know anything else but work and that’s how I always earn my money. I participated in several municipal shows with ALL governments, like most of the wonderful artists that our country has. Culture not only generates a lot of work but also builds and tells the identity of a people and, above all, generates joy and emotion.

“I respect, although I do not agree, that your plan to back or not prioritize culture, but I think that the demonization of an industry and of people that make it up is not the way, I feel that The asymmetry of power between you and those you attack for thinking differently and the false information makes your speech unfair and violent!.

Finally, Lali reflected and even invited the head of state to go to one of her shows: “President, you are the captain of a ship on which we all travel, those who voted for you and those who did not.and that is why I hope that the path I choose will lead EVERYONE to a better place, I democratically accept the path chosen by the majority and From respect I want to have the freedom to think differently. I don’t believe in disrespect and senseless disqualification. I wish us all the best. Always. I send you a respectful greeting. Mariana Lali Esposito. P/S I saw on your networks that you question my professionalism and skill on stage. WITHOUT ANY IRONY and with enthusiasm I invite you to any of my concerts whenever you want. It would be a pleasure to have you in the audience and you would have a great time. I assure you.

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