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Lali Espósito was seen with Pedro Rosemblat and ended the separation rumors


Lali Esposito was seen with her partner Pedro Rosemblat and, in this way, ended all kinds of speculation about an alleged break between them.

Although the driver of Three stars (Gelatina) had already denied these rumorsthe actress spoke with Intruders (America) to close the topic: “Bullshit, sometimes something happens that isn’t the case”.

“Is it part of hate?” the newsman asked him about those who invented this version. However, he responded with humor: “What’s wrong? I feel super loved.”

Finally, Lali Espósito resorted to her characteristic humor: “Greetings to those who want to see us separated”and sentenced: “I am in love and with many plansbut imagine that I’m not going to tell you.”

What Pedro Rosemblat said about the rumors of separation with Lali

Pedro Rosemblat spoke with Little Correct (El Trece), and assured that his relationship with Lali Esposito It is in perfect condition, and that last Friday morning they woke up together finding out that they were separated. Likewise, they carried out their investigations and no one found the source of this rumor.

It all would have started since the driver would not have “liked” 3 photos in a row of Lali, and this generated discord among his followers who began to comment online about a possible love breakup between them.

The couple whitewashed their romance in February of this year, and Pedro clarified how the relationship is after speculation recently: “The truth is that it surprised me. “I don’t know very well where they came from, I think it was the Friday that we woke up together, we were having mates and we found out that we were separated.”

Furthermore, he made it clear that love was intact, and continued: “Everyone on their own began to make their inquiries, she called some friends, I too to see what happened. Very rare”.


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