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LAM was kicked out of the Gardel Awards: what happened


Angel de Brito He said that LAM (América TV) was prohibited from entering the Gardel Awards on Tuesday, May 28 at the Movistar Arena.

Santiago Sposato went to the Gardel Awards and they kicked us out. we were expelled“, the driver introduced and gave the reporter time to tell what happened.

Why LAM was kicked out of the Gardel Awards

We came early and when we go to the accreditation window, they tell us ‘LAM is not invited to be accredited for this event’, without any reason to justify it.“said Sposato.

LAM was kicked out of the Gardel Awards

And I add: “Everyone was there, everyone came in except us. They never let us in“.

At the same time, Marcela Morelo He also had problems entering the event, but was finally able to do so. “She made a big deal saying that she left because they didn’t let her pass, she wasn’t accredited. A shame,” said Pepe Ochoa.

Minutes later, the singer made a new broadcast on her social networks, from the red carpet at the Gardel Awards.

On another outing for LAM (America TV), Santiago Sposato He showed that he was still unable to enter the place: “If you’re cool, we can give you images of the red carpet, but from here behind the turnstiles.”

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