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Laurita Fernández returns to El Nueve with Welcome to Win: “There will be new awards and juries”


Laurita Fernandez He left television to dedicate himself to theater, but he will record again Welcome to Win in The nine.

Journalist Pablo Montagna He gave the information through his X account (formerly Twitter), and detailed: “New season of Welcome to Ganar with Laurita Fernández on El Nueve starting Monday, May 13“.

Laurita Fernández returns to El Nueve

The recordings start on Tuesday the 30th. There will be new awards and new juries. The singers, imitators and dancing continue“he added.

Why did Welcome to Win end?

Claudio “Peluca” Bruscaproducer of the program and partner of the host, announced on December 28, 2023 through X: “How cute it is Welcome to Win. Healthy, fun, happy and talented. We are going to miss him too much. Last 3 programs; and hopefully soon we will be up with so much more“.

“Last 3 Welcome to Win programs. What we are going to miss you, please. Will they take the $600,000 to unweave for the New Year? How much talent and how beautiful all of this is,” added in another message.

It is worth remembering that Laurita Fernandez She left television to dedicate herself fully to her career as an actress, and a few weeks ago she debuted with the play “Legally Blonde” at the Teatro Liceo. She previously also starred in “Matilda, the musical” alongside a great cast.

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