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Lauty Gram published an intimate photo in bed with La China Suárez


Lauty Gram and Eugenia China Suarez they denied their romance; However, in the last few hours he shared an intimate photo online.

Both the singer and the actress repeatedly claimed to be single, but now they made it clear that they are sharing a relaxing trip abroad.

Through their Instagram stories, Lauty Gram shared a photo from the bed, where you can see his arm hugging La China Suárez, who is scantily clad. He also accompanied her with the song “More richer than yesterday”, by Anuel AA, DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz.

Lauty Gram with La China Suárez

The artist tried to deny the romance by posting a reel of images from Miami with the legend “Don’t skip the stage of traveling alone“, but it was too late because Internet users did not miss the intimate moment that the interpreter uploaded to the network.

What Lauty Gram said about La China Suárez

At the end of 2023, Lauty Gram spoke for the first time about his romantic relationship with Eugenia China Suarez and expressed: “We are fine.”

The singer and the artist sparked romance rumors for several months, when they were seen together in Uruguay. Then They began to interact frequently on social networks through likes and commentsand finally he whitewashed that they are together.

In an interview with Tatiana Schapiro for Infobae, Lauty Gram He confessed that he was going to travel to Miami with La China Suárez. “I’m going with her. I tell it because later people will see the photos, we are in the same place, and they are going to start… Yes, we are leaving together. It is the first time I go to the United States. “I’m going to know.”

Then, when the journalist asked him if he was dating, he responded: “I don’t know yet… I’m doing well. We are fine with La China, but slow, calm“. Regarding the news in the media that points to him as “the boyfriend of”, he stated: “That’s whatever, they want to lock you in something that doesn’t work and is anyone.”

Having a girlfriend is a title. Being in a relationship means being with a person with whom you have a good time every day and who share things… but I don’t care, I prefer to be calm like now, because I’m happy“, he analyzed about his present.

About the loving signs they left with China Suarez on social networks, Lauty Gram expressed: “We discuss the photos and stuff. There is a game there, but everything is quiet. I don’t really like the exposition, that it is so direct. I prefer to be calm, living life and happy“.

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