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“Let them get to work,” CLIP tells officials to attract investment

Tesla’s investment in Nuevo León should serve as an example of what should be done in La Laguna. (THE CENTURY OF TORREÓN)

For the president of the Laguna Private Initiative Council (CLIP), José Luis Hotema, it is required that economic development officials and Implan work to promote La Laguna and as a team with the business sector, create the conditions for large investments stay.

It is necessary that they change their mentality and perception, that they start to work; they get paid well and have staff just behind the desk to do their job”, he expressed when pointing out that it is a constructive criticism, since he considers that the Economic Development Directorates of the municipalities, the state Undersecretaries at the regional level and the Implan of Torreón are not doing what is necessary to change the results and make the region truly attract big business.

Hotema pointed out that, at the end of last year, the cargo airport proposal was presented Laguna Aerospace Park to Implan and said that it was not a matter of theirs but of federal competence, despite the fact that said Institute should be projecting everything that comes for the future and based on that, organize the planning.

He proposed establishing working groups to integrate the sectors involved, and pointed out that Tesla’s investment in Nuevo León should serve as an example of what should be done in La Laguna, because said company did not arrive from one day to the next, but there was a whole previous work, of several months.

He considered that many of the companies that come to this region do so because those who represent them are Laguna residents who no longer reside here, but know of the needs and promote the area, a job that should be being done by government officials who are also not required to perform.

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