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Lizardo Ponce targeted Augusto Tartúfoli for statements about the “glass generation”


Lizardo Ponce came out in defense of Emilia Mernes after Augusto Tartúfoli included it within his so-called “crystal generation”.

The influencer spoke with Show Partners (El Trece) and furiously attacked the journalist: “What does Tartu know? He says things that don’t have much basis. Compare artists from before and now… They are people who are sharing what happens to them, they are artists who share what happens to them. Call them the crystal generation but they are people that I am grateful for because I feel reflected that they can tell what happens to them.“.

“I hope that tomorrow will help the kids to open up because I would have loved to have artists like those who are there now who show me that, beyond the fact that you can have everything and succeed, there is a side that hits you in a different way.” . They never taught me what an anxiety disorder was, they never anticipated what a panic attack was, they never talked about it and I had to find out big time by living it.“, he referred to mental health.

Finally, he pointed very harshly against Tartu: “Instead of taking it as a circus, like Tartu does, I would love for you to take it seriously. The other day I saw him disrespecting, not giving an opinion.”

What Tartu said about Emilia Mernes

Through his X account (formerly Twitter), after Emilia suspended her show, the journalist wrote: “The glass generation does not want to follow the path of the artist. Everything must be immediate. Auto tune, little music, fast foodTikTok and the right to fill stadiums.”

“Almost everyone on the scene today chose to ignore that the artist’s path takes time and effort. The crystal generation was given it quick and easy. No wonder they don’t know what to do with their anguish if their art is null“Tartu shot controversially.

Tartu against Emilia Mernes
Tartu against Emilia Mernes

Earlier than ever they play the card of inner drama and MENTAL HEALTH, written in capital letters, to give some epic to their art, which is an empty set.“he concluded.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that Tartu minimizes mental health problems in celebrities; last year, when Maxi Guidici (former Big Brother) attempted suicidedeclared: “What snowflakes… What a crystal generation, everyone in Dancing, please… Fears, anxiety attacks, vomiting, stage fright… At the age when these are defined as boys, my mother worked and raised 2 children at school age… How do they infantilize them, please…“.


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