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Lola Latorre’s defense after criticism for trying a cupcake for the first time: “Stop bullying me because of my social class, get over it”


Lola Latorre tried a quince pastry for the first time and generated a stir on the internet. After the criticism, the young woman made a statement and confronted the haters.

The daughter of Yanina Latorre She responded to the X user @marianherrrera for insulting her, and through an Instagram live she stated: “There are much more important things for which one can be a fool. I tell you that I study at one of the most important universities in the country, Torcuato Di Tella, I study law. “I don’t know, maybe that’s a little more important than not having tried a quince pastry.”

“‘Because you’re cool…’, guys, stop bullying me because of my social class, get over it. They say ‘these little videos he makes are stupid, the get ready with me…Oh, you’re stupid.’ “It’s as easy as not seeing them,” she shot.

What happened to Lola Latorre

A few days ago, to celebrate the week of May, in Rumis (La Casa streaming) they brought quince pastries and Lola Latorre He confessed that he had never tried one.

Although she did not know if she liked or not this food that is part of the tradition in Argentina, the young woman agreed to try it and the moment went viral on the Internet.

What does it have in the center? But how do I do it?“Lola asked as she tried to take a bite of the cupcake.

This moment that occurred in the streaming generated all kinds of malicious comments, thus awakening the fury of Yanina Latorre. “But where the hell… did the bolu grow up… this one who doesn’t know what a cupcake is? You’re the daughter of the Latorre family, not the English royalty, you piece of crota,” shot a user in X. “I hate cupcakes, I have never bought them in my life. Useless piece of lifeless“, the panelist responded.

Yanina Latorre defended Lola

True to his style, Yanina Latorre She did not remain silent and continued to defend her daughter from the haters: “I don’t understand why they insult someone who has never tried a cupcake. I never tried it, like many other things. They are a gathering of resentment“.

Yanina Latorre defended Lola

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