Lost Boys & Fairies creator confirms hope for season two: ‘I have a story’

Lost Boys & Fairies creator confirms hope for season two: ‘I have a story’

Daf James has confirmed he has a story in mind for a second season of his hit queer drama Lost Boys & Fairies.

The three-part, prime-time BBC show followed gay couple Andy, Hawkeye’s Fra Fee, and Gabe, (Sion Daniel Young, who played real-life police honey-trap victim Colin Stagg in Deceit), as they looked to adopt a child.

Viewers praised the show for breaking new ground with its frank and explicit exploration of the use of chemsex in the LGBTQ+ community, gay dating app Grindr, homophobia and the impact of queer shame.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

After growing fond of Jake, a young boy in the foster-care system, Gabe and Andy plan to adopt him. But, in episode three, tragedy strikes.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews, series writer and creator James said: “[The BBC] originally commissioned four episodes and when it came to writing the fourth, I was trying to tell the story of what happened next to Gabe and Jake, and of course, there’s too much story there to put into one episode.

“The producer said: ‘Do you think this should just be three episodes because it finishes so beautifully where it does?’ And also, of course with a sense of ‘Hey, this is only just beginning’ – and it is.”

Daf James (second left) with producer Rebekah Wray Rogers and stars Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee (R). (Getty)

James, who is queer and has adopted three children, said that he knew Gabe and Jake’s stories could continue because “the work begins” after the adoption.

“There is so much more story I want to tell about how Gabe and Jake survive together because let’s not forget, they’ve both been through these incredible traumas and now they’ve got to start a new life together,” he said.

“I also think the story is unfinished for all the characters. I’m not going to share what is going to happen but I do have story for more, and we’ll just have to see if it gets green lit. That would be my hope.”

Lost Boys and Fairies is streaming on BBC iPlayer now.

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