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Lostock woman setting up empowerment circles for ladies

Sarah Hulme, 52, from Lostock set up a new empowerment circle to help local businesswomen, and women in general,  at the start of they year.

But the response has been huge and more similar groups are now planned and put a new spin on business networking groups.

Since she began her new adventure, she has seen an influx of women looking for inspiration.

And now she is hoping to set up two more groups in Chorley and Wigan to inspire even more women.

Having worked in a networking group franchise before, Sarah wants to implement the skills and experience she has, welcoming all women across the borough to get involved.

Sarah’s events, to take place in April and May, are already almost sold out, after her first event on March 2 was a sell-out.

April’s event is already three quarters full and May is half full already.


Lostock woman to host female business empowerment circle each month

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Sarah said: “The first event was a sell out with 33 ladies booked as that was the maximum capacity for the space I was using.

“I had to turn people away for the March event but I’m speaking with Retreat Bolton to extend the space for next month.

“And after the success of my first event, I’m looking to offer the same concept locally in either Wigan or Chorley and looking for a suitable venue space for the ladies.

“Retreat is a perfect choice as it’s a family owned business and the staff were amazing.

The Bolton News: Sarah with ladies who attended the empowerment circle event
Sarah with ladies who attended the empowerment circle event (Image: Sarah Hulme)

“The meeting runs for two hours and some of the ladies made an extra few hours of it and had a delicious lunch too.

“I’m excited for April with more new ideas to share to benefit the ladies, the energy in the room was amazing and everyone left including me feeling uplifted and some amazing connections and collaborations were made.

“I truly have always believed my purpose is to help uplift and connect ladies together.

“It makes me so happy to see the interaction between the amazing group of ladies I always say you become the product of the people you surround yourself with.

“My mission statement for the group that I read out to finalise the meeting is ‘we are a gathering of hearts and minds all different but we are all here together to show up and be ourselves’.”

Sarah said that women who attended the first event have contacted her telling her how ‘uplifting’ and ‘inspiring’ the event is for the women of Bolton.

The Bolton News: Goody bags handed out to attendeesGoody bags handed out to attendees (Image: Sarah Hulme)


The empowerment circle is open to female business owners and women that want to be empowered and inspired and leave armed with knowledge and value from the others in the room.

The events will take place the first Thursday of every month priced at £5.

Anyone interested can message Sarah via email [email protected] or text 07730494607.

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