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Lucía Maidana entered the Big Brother house with her twin and they left a mission for Bautista and Nicolás


Lucia Maidana She entered Congelados with her twin Jacinta To the house of Big Brother (Telefe) with a difficult mission for their companions, who must be twins for a day, and if they don’t do it they will be directly in trouble. The envelopes were seized by Nicolas Grosman and Bautista Mascia.

Likewise, the twins took a brief tour of the house, and took advantage of the immobility of their companions to make jokes about who’s who. However, to Lucy She seemed very moved to see her housemates once again.

Minutes after midnight, and with the envelopes already placed in the hands of the winners, the voice of Big Brother He told them to open the envelope to reveal the mission they have to accomplish.

Lucía Maidana entered Big Brother for Congelados
Lucía Maidana entered Big Brother for Congelados.

Attention, twins. From this moment and for 24 hours they will remain tied. They will not be able to do anything separately. Is it clear? If this is not met, they will be automatically nominated.”I inform you “The Supreme”.

Finally, Bautista Mascia and Nicolas Grosman They looked for the rope with which they must remain tied for 24 hours, making it impossible for them to do things alone.

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