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Lucía Maidana revealed the story behind the tattoo she got with Julieta Poggio


Lucia Maidana revealed the story behind the tattoo she got in a bowling alley where she was accompanied by Juliet Poggio. There the exes Big Brother (Telefe) decided to seal their union with their respective friends.

Although it was believed that the former participants had made the same design on their skins, the woman from Salta told how the events really occurred in It got stung (Republic Z): “I got a heart tattoo with a fire but Juli got another tattoo, she didn’t get the same one. She got the tattoo with her friends and I got the tattoo with my friends. There was a tattoo artist inside the club, it was an electronics party on a Thursday.”

Then, Lucía Maidana explained how she ended up at the same party as Julieta Poggio, where they decided to get a tattoo: “We were with Juli dancing until the end, she made me really cool. I met her there and we got tattooed. I wasn’t in trouble and the tattoo artist was a boss. It was free”.

Yanina Latorre and Marina Calabro liquidated Julieta Poggio

In the air of Wool without Filterthe entertainment journalist spoke about a note that was made to the actress and expressed: “Juli Poggio didn’t know what else to say. She said: ‘I think in polyamory, I like men but also women, but I’m not really sure.’ What she wanted was a title… no one cared anyway.” “.

Then, he referred to the new project of Juliet called Zoomwhere they talk about all the topics of pre-adolescence, from bullying to one person not being interested in the other.

Regarding the eschatological act that he would have suffered Poggio in Big Brotherthe journalist also spoke about the confrontation she had with Yanina Latorreand noted: “We saw that live on Telefe, whether Yanina says it or doesn’t say it doesn’t change the fact.”

Subsequently, Jorge Lanata He entered the debate as host of his program and reflected on the future work of the former brothers: “It’s crazy what Big Brother does to people. Because this girl, put it, in three years, unless she has a career somewhere else, what is she going to do? What is she going to do when she realizes that the Doesn’t the universe revolve around her?”

“Oh, don’t say that, Jorge Lanata, it’s ‘yellow press’, ‘fake news’,” he answered Marine. And he added: “I don’t know what pony they’ve jumped on. Because they say: ‘As long as they get a click, a ‘like’ or a view, they publish anything. For the tabloid portals it’s just more news, but for me it’s lies about me and my family, then I get angry and write to them privately. I ask them to ask me.'”

In LAM (America TV), Yanina Latorre He joined the criticism and launched: “I get involved with the victimization that says that they are all fake notes and that they invent things. Then I said: ‘Queen. Here I told how you were dating Marcos (Ginocchio), where you were, in what department, from what producer and what denied. And then he accepted it.'”

“And when Sposato reminded him about his eschatological accident inside the house, he was offended when I alluded to the note and defended Sposato because it seems to me that it was a question from a notary. It’s not a problem to screw yourself. It’s not a drama. She is on a pony”, he concluded.


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