Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Luis Ventura announced the presence of Robert De Niro at the Martín Fierro Internacional


Luis Ventura surprised by announcing that Robert DeNiro will participate in the Martín Fierro Internacional in Miami, accompanied by Luis Brandoni for his participation in the film “Nada.”

In the air of Wool without Filter (Radio Miter), Marina Calabro shared a clipping of the talk between the president of APTRA and the journalist Ximena Rijel for Info Show, where they talked about the actor’s presence at the ceremony.

Luis Ventura is putting together all the Martín Fierros there have been and to have been. Well, the television one for June 2, the radio one for June 16, we have the federal one in the middle and we are putting together the one for Turkey, which still does not have a scheduled date,” Calabro introduced before airing the audio. with the information.

Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni

“The awards are going to be on November 22 at the Marriott Hotel,” he said. Luis VenturaAnd he added: “She will be there in Miami to go on stage, like Susana Giménez did last year, Robert De Niro and Luis Brandoni. They are going to make that meeting for the movie, that clash of planets“.

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