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Luis Ventura left the A la Tarde studio after a fierce confrontation with Fabio Cuggini: “Ball of fat, mercenary”


Luis Ventura and Fabio Cuggini They had a fierce crossing in the middle of In the afternoon (América TV), and the journalist left the studio furious.

While the hairdresser defended Roberto Giordano In the midst of the scandal that involves him after being sentenced to three years in prison for fraudulent insolvency, he launched a chicane that made the panelist explode.

What happened between Luis Ventura and Fabio Cuggini

Shut up, you bastard. Give your uncle’s hair salon back, you thief. Go return the money you lost from Mar del Plata during Daniel Scioli’s managementLet’s see if you made the car and motorcycle you have by cutting hair. You left Luis Miguel nakedyou shit on all your friends, you pushed poor Carlín Calvo’s chair. You are a cheeky, cuckold, you are the worst“, exploded Luis Ventura. After his defense, the journalist got up and left the studio.

Listen to me, you fat ball, mercenary. It would be necessary to find out if Lilita Carrió was not a paid political operation, I declared accordingly. Useless. You messed with my mom, abortionist. you are miserable“he replied Fabio Cuggini to the screams.

Ventura returned in front of the camera and rebuked him: “Tell me where you are and we’ll clarify it, I’ll go look for you“. Karina Mazzocco He tried to stop the hairdresser’s torrent of insults against the communicator, but ended up taking him off the air because he couldn’t silence him.

“The one who brought Ventura into the ring was Fabio Cuggini. He remained silent. The topic was Roberto Giordano, she said that she wanted to defend him, but what he wanted was to fight with Ventura on the air, “said the host.”He provoked me, I’m not going to allow it. Wherever I find it, I screw it up…“said Luis.

I have morals, I am a clean and honest guy. You can’t mess with my last name, with one of my children“he added Luis Ventura furious.

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