Luisa Albinoni recalled her bad experience at Desayuno Americano

Luisa Albinoni recalled her bad experience at Desayuno Americano

Luisa Albinoni recalled her bad experience at Desayuno Americano

Luisa Albinoni She is away from television after her resignation at the end of last year from American breakfast (America), but this time he returned to remember your bad experience in the program Pamela David.

In dialogue with Partners of the show (El Trece) spoke about this new role that he had adopted: “It is difficult to be a panelist, I think things are very mixed and We who are actors or actresses have to be in a place where there are people who know a lot, who are journalists., who knows about the thing, and knows what show business is like. And, of course, one appears there…”

“Luisa, you have common sense and you have what the lady or gentleman who is looking at the house has”he interrupted her Adrian Pallares appreciating his role as a panelist.

Then, she explained that she was very prejudged: “Yes, they always call me about that. But they think I’m a stupid blonde, I always feel that way. But I have an education, I studied. It’s very comfortable to be there in Rubia Pelotud*. In my career they have made me feel like that, but in that one in particular.” Although, “later they accepted me, I don’t know if it was because they had no other choice or what, and I found myself with a good group of colleagues.”

“They had asked me precisely to cook and, in the kitchen, do a little humor and be able to share. And they kept it smaller and I had less and less time. I discussed this with the producers because I felt a lack of respect towards me because they didn’t know where to place me. “They left me sitting on a bench while I didn’t cook until they accepted me at the table,” said the renowned actress.

Finally, Luisa Albinoni expressed that His departure was “for economic reasons because it did not suit me, so I decided to resign. Why stretch it?”

Why Luisa Albinoni resigned from Desayuno Americano

Luisa Albinonifor his part, also spoke for the program Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussichand confirmed: “It becomes impossible, if I start doing the math… we all faint. We were already low on wages. I had asked for something else, but I know it’s hard. There’s no money. And if there’s no money, I’ll stay at home.“.

And he highlighted: “It was very nice, I had a great time, an incredible experience going from the kitchen to being with my colleagues at the table. I learned a lot from them, although it was difficult at first. After 50 years I decided to stay still for a while“.

At the moment, Luisa Albinoni She also teaches theater classes for older adults and shares what they do on social media. “I teach theater classes for older adults called: Jubilee Theater. There is a social disqualification with older adults or you are supposed to understand some things or they make you look like a kind of old idiot,” he expressed some time ago in an interview for Noon 750 (AM 750).


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