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Magnus Carlsen beat Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa in armageddon – still leads Norway Chess


Magnus Carlsen during Norway Chess. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

Of NTB | 04.06.2024 21:33:09

Sport: Hikaru Nakamura looked to take the lead in the tournament by defeating Alireza Firouzja, but only got a draw and then lost in armageddon. Carlsen thus increased his lead to a full point.

– It could have been significantly worse. The long chess game was a bit frustrating. I felt that I got a small advantage, but he defended himself well, Carlsen told TV 2.

– I think the armageddon party was a bit so-so, but it became difficult for him to defend himself when he got such a much worse time. I’m happy to get the extra half point.

The day after Nakamura got behind the Norwegian with a draw in long chess and victory in armageddon, there was more armageddon in Norway Chess. All three long chess games ended in a draw.

– I may have messed it up in my preparations, and he seems well prepared. I didn’t feel confident in the beginning, and I’m even less confident now, Carlsen said when he went to the confession box after 16 moves.

He eventually had considerably more time than his Indian opponent, but was unable to put him in serious trouble. After just under four hours at the board and 76 moves, there was a draw.

Nakamura gave up a clear advantage in his long chess game against Firouzja. With victory, he would have taken over the lead one point ahead of Carlsen, but instead he had to go into armageddon. There he lost with black pieces and is instead one point behind Carlsen.

Wednesday is a rest day in Norway Chess before the tournament ends with two rounds on Thursday and Friday.

Carlsen faced Rameshbabu in a game that never seemed to end in anything other than a draw.

It was also the case in the other two games of the day, and thus the day ended with three armageddon games in a row. Carlsen had white pieces in his party and played to a violent advantage which resulted in victory after 66 moves.

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