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Magnus Carlsen caused complete confusion in Norway Chess – then he beat the world champion


Of NTB | 27.05.2024 18:33:32

Sport: Carlsen was about to arrive late for the opening ceremony of the tournament in Stavanger. According to TV 2, he is said to have been sitting in a restaurant when he had to leave the dining table in a hurry and get to the arena.

After the game against Ding Liren had started, Carlsen then disappeared from the board for about 12-13 minutes.

– He struggled a bit with time today. The speculation, and what we believe, is that he has sat down to eat. He has a screen that he can look at while he eats, said reporter Sverre Krogh Sundbø on TV 2’s broadcast.

He further added that Carlsen should have had the food he did not eat at the restaurant delivered to the venue in Stavanger.

The long chess game against Ding ended in a draw after only 13 moves. Thus it had to be decided in Armageddon. Carlsen won there with black pieces and takes 1.5 points from the first round.

In armageddon, Ding started with ten minutes on the clock, while Carlsen got seven. The white pieces must win the game in order to be awarded victory, while for the black pieces a draw will suffice. However, Carlsen struck with triumph.

– He is busy eating noodles or something and lets time slip away from him. I don’t understand why, but he does, Nakamura said in the confession box.

The players can use it however they want to talk to the TV cameras during games.

When Carlsen appeared in the game room again, expert Jon Ludvig Hammer believed that the Norwegian took a long time to get his food.

– He could eat faster, He took his time and really digested the food, said a smiling Hammer on TV 2’s broadcast.

All six participants will meet each other twice. Carlsen plays against Nakamura with white pieces on Tuesday. Carlsen had four straight tournament titles before Nakamura won last year.

The tournament ends on 7 June.

American Hikaru Nakamura, who is also participating in the tournament, confirmed the food theory.

Carlsen started the tournament with black pieces against the Chinese Ding, who last year became world champion for the first time. Before that, Carlsen had been champion for ten consecutive years, but declined to compete in the WC match.

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