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Majo Martino revealed that he had a hot dream with L-Gante


Majo Martino revealed to have had a hot dream with L-Ghent while you are enjoying your vacation in Mexico.

This information was revealed Estefi Berardi when he sent his partner to the front very morning (El Trece): “I remember that Majo publicly said yesterday on his Twitter account that He had a hot dream with L-Ghent. What did you dream of?

Then, the panelist was honest: “I can’t tell you, but they told me so much about him at a party that I dreamed about it, everyone’s unconscious.” In addition, she joked about the relationship that the RKT singer had with Zaira’s sister: “But very well, now I understood it Wanda Nara.

Estefi Berardi told what her relationship with Majo Martino is like

Estefi Berardi He revealed what his relationship is like with Majo Martino after the complaint of sexual harassment that he had suffered Juan Martino by Flor Moyano when the second part of “The Hotel of the famous” (El trece).

This is because the panelist is a very good friend of the alleged victim since they met when they were part of Combat, so I supported her publicly. While the journalist did the same for her brother.

In the last few hours, the panelist told via Instagram stories answering the question “How do you get along with Majo?”

Estefi Berardi on Majo Martino
Estefi Berardi on Majo Martino

“Majo is a beautiful person, a very good colleague, and I love the way she works,” answered Estefi Berardi clarifying the situation.


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