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Man charged with murder jailed for four new weeks


A 54-year-old has been imprisoned again after Bård André Spildrejorde (44) was found dead in his own cabin in Nord-Odal on Thursday 14 March. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Of NTB | 05/09/2024 18:53:58

Crime and justice: – He was given a four-week ban on letters and visits, as we requested, informs police attorney Christine Lundstein in an SMS to Glåmdalen.

– We believe the grounds for suspicion have been strengthened, but cannot go into why, Lundstein told the paper earlier this week. She also said that the police had an idea about the motive.

The 54-year-old was arrested in his home in Skarnes on 10 April. He is charged with murder or complicity in the murder of Bård André Spildrejorde (44).

Spildrejorde was found shot in his own cabin in Nord-Odal on 14 March. A woman out for a walk found a possible murder weapon on the side of the road a few kilometers from the crime scene a week later.

According to warden John Christian Elden, the accused 54-year-old has not pleaded guilty, and he has not wanted to explain himself further to the police.

– My client does not plead guilty nor does he believe that the terms of imprisonment have been met, says Elden to NTB.

– There are a number of documents that have now been declassified for my client. As soon as I have reviewed these with my client, we will decide what to do next, also with a view to possibly appealing the detention order.

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