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Man charged with violence – allegedly grabbed a man by the throat and lifted him


A man in his 20s was remanded in custody for four weeks in Trøndelag district court on Friday. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Of NTB | 13.04.2024 13:23:09

Crime and justice: The charges include two different incidents of violence against the same offended man. The first should have happened on 16 March, while the second should have happened on the night of Thursday this week.

In the imprisonment order from Trøndelag District Court, it is stated that the man in his 20s in March allegedly choked the victim so that he lost consciousness, and that the police have photographs of the incident.

– The still images show the victim being lifted from the ground while the accused holds the victim by the throat. A witness also says that he saw the accused choke and estimates that the choke lasted 10 seconds, the ruling states.

On the night of Thursday this week, the man in his 20s is said to have committed violence against the same man.

Police prosecutor Christian Spets in Trøndelag police district says Address newspaper that they were alerted by a reporter who had found the victim outside after the incident this week.

The explanation given to the offended man meant that the accused was arrested at 2.46 am on Thursday.

– We believe that the victim was deprived of his liberty from the night of 11 April, but it is too early to say how long the person concerned will have been deprived of his liberty, says Spets.

The man’s defender, Frode Wisth, says that his client pleads not guilty.

A further two people have been charged in the case, but it is not yet clear whether they will be produced for remand.

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