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Man sentenced for attacking woman and baby

man hits woman

A 44-year-old man, who assaulted a Congolese woman holding her infant last summer, was sentenced to eight months in jail on Friday.

Larnaca district court found the man guilty on four charges, namely assault and causing bodily harm to the 29-year-old asylum seeker, charges related to racism and xenophobia as well as public insult and possession of an offensive instrument.

The attack took place near Larnaca port on July 13 last year. It was recorded by an eyewitness and uploaded on social media within 24 hours, sparking widespread condemnation by netizens, officials and political parties.

In the video, the convicted man is shown hitting and kicking the woman who was sitting on the pavement holding her baby in her arms. The same man then attacks a black man who was also there before he again moves towards the woman, who was on the ground, and kicks her in the back.

The woman ended up with bruises and scratches on various parts of her body as a result of the attack, hospital examinations showed.

She reported the incident to the police saying she had bought a car from the perpetrator the previous week but had asked for the return of her €920 after she discovered the car had mechanical problems. The request was made at the place of residence of the Greek Cypriot before the attack.

In his statement, the 44-year-old man stated that he would have given the money to the woman after she returned the car to him.

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