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Manchester City is suing the Premier League – wants financial rules known to be illegal


Manchester City had a victory parade on Sunday after another strong season. Now the club is at the throat of the Premier League and its financial rules. Photo: Richard Sellers, PA via AP / NTB

Of NTB | 04.06.2024 18:43:06

Sport: The newspaper reports The Timeswho writes that the lawsuit involves civil war in English top football.

The background is the 115 rule violations the Premier League has accused the club of, and which can lead to very serious penalties if the case ends with a conviction.

The Times writes that a hearing will be held in the matter as early as Monday, that it will be decided within two weeks and that the outcome could change the Premier League forever.

Manchester City is said to have submitted a 165-page document arguing against the legality of the rules which prohibit clubs from entering into sponsorship deals at more than market value with companies owned by or linked to the club owner.

The rule is to prevent the clubs from camouflaging direct contributions from the owners, which is a breach of the regulations on financial fair play.

The club claims the rules, which were adopted in 2021 after Newcastle gained Saudi Arabian ownership, are in breach of competition law and discriminate against clubs based outside London.

City, which has owners from Abu Dhabi, also believes that clubs with links to Gulf states are also being discriminated against.

Manchester City will not only have the rules declared illegal, but demand compensation for loss of income caused by the rules.

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