Monday, June 17, 2024

Manzana returned to Big Brother, read a poem and hit Virginia: the participant’s reaction


Frederick “Apple” Farías returned to the house Big Brother for a new Frozen that had him as the reader of a particular message for his former teammates. Then, several of the former participants would enter to nominate those who are still participating.

The man from Tucumán entered with a suit, a cane and with the music of The Godfather. Virginia She started crying when she saw him and he quickly announced that he was going to read them a poem.

“I thought about you, I swear, but don’t get your hopes up that I came to greet Arturo. I miss Emma, ​​I miss Darío, Virginia, the Bros and Juliana, but what I miss most is eating chicken in bed“, Manzana’s message began.

“Outside I sing, dance and morph like a Viking. Keep failing the tests, I don’t give a damn.”, was another of the passages that Fede read. “I don’t want to get you excited but surprises are coming. High penalties if I leave, but to escape the anguish they will see The Truman Show“, warned the man from Tucumán.

Before leaving, Manzana specifically addressed Virginia, encouraged her to stay in the game, told her how proud he is of her, and called her “Virqueenia” and “My queen“. “I’m not leaving without greeting you or giving Virginia a shout out”he added, and proceeded to give his amoeba a kiss.

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