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Manzana revealed that, like Fury, Big Brother temporarily kicked him out of the house


Frederick Apple Farias became a trend in the last few hours after a conversation between him and Zoe Bogach where revealed that the production had removed him from the house Big Brother (Telefe) but, unlike Fury, they did not notify the public.

The house is mobilized by the temporary departure of Juliana Scaglione to undergo some medical studies and, in this context, the participant asked her about her experience when something similar happened to her.

Zoe: Do you want to tell when they took you out?

Apple: He woke me up very early, it should have been 7 in the morning, Big Brother called me to the confessional and told me ‘you are going to get ready, they are going to open the door for you and you are going to come out’. Right there I took a bath, I changed…

(Video: @JateJodeh)

Zoe: Did they blindfold you or something?

Apple: No. I told him I was already…

Immediately, the production decided to cut the DirecTV Go broadcast without letting his story finish but, in any case, it had already been recorded by the spectators.

Furthermore, hours later, Darío Martínez Corti and Coty Romero could be heard talking about the time Manzana had left the house.

Dario: In your edition, did you have to take anyone out of the house due to a problem?

Coty: No… They also took Manzana out, they say.

Dario: Yeah

Coty: Manzana also left home to undergo studies but did not tell anyone

Dario: No, I don’t know what happened there, I found out yesterday

Coty: Did he have problems with something?

Darío: Obviously something happened. It had some drag I think.

Although on this occasion they did not turn off the cameras, they played very loud music in the patio where they were.

“Furia” did the spontaneous thing before leaving Big Brother

Santiago del Moro announced in his official Instagram account that Juliana Furia Scaglione made the spontaneous nomination after the disqualification of a participant (Emmanuel Vich) for talking too much, and the player took advantage of the opportunity before she retired from the game on medical orders.

Santiago del Moro announced who made the spontaneous
Santiago del Moro announced who made the spontaneous

Through his networks, the driver announced: “Last night after the announcement she made to the house players, Furia took advantage of the fact that they had canceled the spontaneous match and made it herself.”. AND Santiago del Moro hill: “Today 10:30 p.m. nomination gala.”


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