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Maradona trial postponed until October


Diego Maradona died in 2020. Photo: Carlos Hernandez, File / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 30.05.2024 07:23:07

Sport: Maradona died in November 2020. A short time before, he had been admitted to hospital, where he was operated on for a brain haemorrhage.

Argentine prosecutors have issued murder charges against eight medics for having contributed to the legend’s death. Among other things, it has been stated that the health personnel made no attempt to save Maradona’s life.

Maradona’s personal doctor Lepoldo Luque is among the eight defendants in the case.

Originally, the trial was supposed to start next week, but on Wednesday a judge in Buenos Aires stated that it will not happen until October. The reason must be that there is still room for a number of practical things to be done before the hearings can start.

The eight medics risk prison terms of eight to 25 years.

The same judge decided on Wednesday to reject part of the family’s request to move Maradona’s remains from a private cemetery to a mausoleum.

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