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Marcela Kloosterboer gave advice to parents who cannot connect with their children


Marcela Kloosterboer He shared a video cooking with his daughter and took the opportunity to recommend to parents how to share a moment of warmth with their children.

While showing Juana with her apron and chef’s hat, the actress wanted to leave some advice to those parents who follow her on her Instagram account and find it difficult to connect with their children: “Let’s share moments with our children. Talks arise, questions arise, they feel useful…”

“Slow down for a moment, get at their level, looking into their eyes (put down the cell phone for a bit). We show them that the most important thing at that moment is to listen to them and pay attention to them. “That better for your self-esteem, how your parents look at you is how you see yourself,” he said about his experience.

What Marcela Kloosterboer thinks about current events in the country

Marcela Kloosterboer does not usually talk about politics publicly; However, she recently gave an interview and analyzed the current situation in the country.

In dialogue with the journalist Tatiana Schapiro for Infobaethe actress assured that she does not like to share her political thoughts on social networks because then she has to endure attacks.

I love politics, I like to talk about politics and reality, debate, but I’m not going to get into that on Instagram. Because I don’t feel like receiving the return that may come“, he expressed Marcela Kloosterboer.

I work with an NGO called Pequenos Pasos, and I tour La Matanza, San Martín, and I see the reality: all corruption is that poverty. It’s not that ‘Missing? Well, there’s more.’ No. Where someone strives, the other… And everyone is working hard, you see? I am neither on one side nor the otherbut there are things so obscene that they get me out,” he analyzed.

Then, when the journalist told her that 62% of children and adolescents are currently below the poverty line, the artist stated: “It’s terrible. That’s why I say: It is easy to sit down and give your opinion that the plans, this, that, from our home, with our children with a full belly. Now, if you are in that situation where your child is hungry and you can’t feed him… it’s something we can’t even imagine.”

“So, I think it is important to get involved. I don’t like to talk because I really don’t like being surrounded or told: ‘Oh, on one side, on the other…’. I am not on either side, there is a reason we are the way we are: on both sides. But it is good to get involved, to do it from the place that each one can. I call my friends: ‘Hey, I’m going to bring things for Pequenos Pasos. Does anyone have anything? A blanket, a towel, a mattress, whatever,'” she added.


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