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Marcela Pagano is pregnant, and she announced it with a photo: “This baby depends 100% on me”


Marcela Pagano She announced with a tender photo online that she is expecting her first child, after having frozen her eggs some time ago.

Through her Instagram account, the La Libertad Avanza deputy published a photo of her belly and said: “Hello everyone: I want to tell you that I am happily pregnant. I couldn’t wait to be able to shout this news, but I just Today I have confirmation after many back and forth with my health that this baby is fine.“.

Marcela Pagano pregnant
Marcela Pagano pregnant

And he explained: “As is public knowledge, I froze eggs a long time ago, pursuing this dream that today is finally a reality.. Of course I must continue taking care of myself because “This baby depends 100% on me.”.

Finally, the libertarian legislator expressed: “Thank you for so much love that you always share with me from this network, and I apologize in advance for not being able to respond to each message. My anxiety to tell it was great!! Thank you God for this miracle. “There are never impossible things when you don’t give up trying to achieve a dream,” concluded the journalist.

Why Marcela Pagano froze her eggs

In December 2023, in dialogue with Tomás Dente for his program, Entre Nos (Net TV), the journalist and current legislator elected by La Libertad Avanza spoke about her desire to be a mother: “I was in one of the most difficult moments of my career for the rating and I asked myself that everything in life is not possible, nature is wise but I always believe that I can, I never deal with the fact that I won’t be able to.”

“I feel that nature, anatomy, the years sometimes put a corset on you for some things, and Motherhood was a situation where I said ‘if I stretch it too much maybe I won’t be able to naturally’“, he added. And he was sincere: “I embarked alone on a treatment to freeze my eggs, which, being a brave person, I experienced as just another process in life. It was a happy decision and I entered the operating room happy, but it was hard“.

About the treatment, Marcela Pagano She said: “I had to take the risk because I had never given myself an injection in my life, because a needle makes my blood pressure drop and I faint. So, I not only had to encourage myself to that fear but to everything it means to deal with the pain, the discomfort“.

I did it because psychologically I feel that, although it is not like that, one wins as a kind of blank check in a society where one deals with things like ‘what is wrong with her that she is not married yet?’, ‘what is happening that she is not Has a son?’“he reflected.

Regarding why she decided to freeze eggs, the journalist revealed: “It will help me to alleviate a situation that I have not yet defined. because, since I come from parents who have left everything in life to give me a family, I want to replicate that if I could choose it.”

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