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Marcelo Bonelli said goodbye to Arriba Argentinos to lead TN Central: “I have a lot of emotion and nostalgia”


Marcelo Bonelli debuted at the head of Central TN this Monday after saying goodbye to Up Argentines (The thirteen).

Prior to disembarkation in the afternoons of TN in the place he left Mario Massaccesithe driver spoke with TN Show and expressed his excitement about leaving Up Argentines (El Trece) after almost 20 years.

Why Marcelo Bonelli left Arriba Argentinos

I take my farewell with great emotion and also with a little nostalgia.but at the same time with great joy because I believe that Up Argentines It is a successful cycle. “There were 19 years of leadership,” he said. And he added: “Beyond the ups and downs, sometimes positive, sometimes negative, of the ratings, the program invented morning news on Argentine television and from there they multiplied in all channels. He had his mark, he established an agenda, he worked with a fantastic team and after so much time the only thing I see are joys and virtues“.

Marcelo Bonelli

Up Argentines He was like a son to me, but hey, he’s already 19 years old. He will have his birthday next week and he is already of age and can now develop without my presence, surely much better than what he has developed at this moment. So I have a lot of emotion, a lot of nerves, a lot of nostalgia and a lot of joy for having concluded a very very successful cycle.“, he expressed Marcelo Bonelli.

“If you ask me what I take away, the truth is that the day to day of accompanying people when they wake up, before they leave their house, at the kids’ breakfast. We have a section in Up Argentines with the photos of the people and I say that it is the lungs of the program,” he said.

In turn, upon his arrival to Central TNanalyzed: “It is an honor and a challenge for me to drive Central TN in a news leader, at a time where most of the news is produced and with a team of professionals and people who will share the program. Really 10″. Prior to the debut, the journalist told how he was preparing: “With a lot of anxiety, with a lot of desire and with a lot of desire to start now. “I know that the afternoons are hot in terms of information and it seems to me that this way I put myself in the front of the storm.”

“I am going to contribute the same as throughout these decades in All News and in the news division of Artear: work, work and work. For me, a journalist is 24/7. I am going to bring out the best in myself and the best in my colleagues, to make the best product. and that the people who see those two hours of Central TN be satisfied with the information, that you know that nothing was hidden from you, that the whole truth was shown to you. “I’m not a genius, I’m not someone who changes everything with a brushstroke, but I am someone who will be behind every issue and taking care of everything,” he concluded. Marcelo Bonelli.

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