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Marcelo Polino spoke about the separation of Fátima Florez and Javier Milei: “She gets bad”


Marcelo Polino was a guest at DDM (America TV) and spoke without filters about how Fatima Florez carry forward the separation of Javier Milei.

In the program Mariana Fabbianithe journalist made reference to the show Fatima 100% in the summer season Mar del Plata and revealed that they will continue touring other places: “On the 15th we do Luna Park, the show is divine, Fátima plays about twenty characters, there are monologues, there is a live band.”

In addition, he expressed that, despite everything, he has a good relationship with the current president of Argentina it turned out well: “He is going to continue with his imitation of Milei, they have a good relationship, there is communication, I think love always remains.”

Regarding how he experienced his breakup, he explained: “She came back separated, she is very focused, she is alone. When they don’t tell things that are not real, it gets bad, it was complicated. I suppose Milei is empathetic with her, because there is still communication.”

Why did Javier Milei and Fátima Florez separate?

Javier Milei confirmed on April 12 on the X network that he separated from Fatima Florez. The President of the Nation explained in a brief statement the reason for their breakup, and clarified that they will maintain a bond of friendship.

“As a result of the overwhelming professional success that Fátima is experiencing, of whom I am extremely proud, she has received numerous job offers to work both in the United States and in Europe. This, added to the complex task that I face today and that the Argentines have given me entrusted, has led us to live separately, making it impossible to have the relationship that we would like to have, despite how much we love each other”, wrote the head of state in a message published on his official account on X.

Separation Javier Milei and Fatima Florez
Javier Milei confirmed his separation from Fátima Florez. (Capture: X)

“That is why we decided to end our relationship and maintain a bond of friendship given what we feel for each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other,” sentenced Javier Milei.

What did Fátima Florez say about her separation from Javier Milei?

Fatima Florez He broke the silence a few days after their breakup, and was approached at the airport by Santiago Sposato for LAM (America TV) when he returned from his vacation and did not avoid questions about his sentimental present.

When Angel de Brito He asked him why the relationship with the president ended, Fatima express: “From what you already know… But the important thing here is that it was consensual and it was discussed, that the relationship is beautiful and the bond is intact. The statement was mutually agreed upon, it is super discussed.”

We separated because look at the moment he has… it is a great responsibility on his shoulders, we are all supporting him, it is a difficult moment“, the imitator simply said. “She was not jealous nor did she make any advances.“he assured.

In turn, prior to live mobile, Sposato made a note to Fatima Florez and declared: “There is no awkwardness with Karina Milei. I didn’t feel a backpack being the president’s girlfriend“.

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