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Marcelo Tinelli broke the silence on the rumors of landing on Public TV: “We were watching studies”


Marcelo Tinelli broke the silence and faced the rumors about his arrival on Public TV.

Through Instagram, the host dedicated some stories to clarify some questions about his present, both work and sentimental, and assured that he will continue on América TV.

“I’m not one to answer, especially when they’re not true, but they’re asking me a lot. I am happy to work in America, very happy, preparing the new program for the second half of the year and preparing new projects also in artistic direction“, he stated Marcelo Tinelli.

Marcelo Tinelli

“I don’t know where that news came from that I’m going to the Public TVwhoever said it is uninformed. Yes, we were looking at studies to make the programs, but only that. We have an excellent relationship with the TVP people, but I’m still in Americapreparing new things,” he concluded on the subject.

Is Marcelo Tinelli leaving América TV?

Marcelo Tinellicurrent artistic director of América TV, could land on Public TV and details were known.

Jorge Rial revealed the information on the air Argenzuela (C5N) and said: “They tell me that he would be closing his contract, he with two more programs, on Public TV. “He is in negotiations with state television, with ours.”

I would be negotiating two programs: one with Denise Dumas and the other the Singing for a Dream“explained the driver.

“I don’t think América TV will like this, because he is a programming manager and is not taking over as such, but they do tell me that he would be negotiating with TVP,” he analyzed.

“Tinelli has had money problems lately, so no one wants to rent him because he can’t leave an advance, which is what is needed. What was speculated a while ago then was that he was going to rent a studio at TVP, but They tell me that this visit would be related to Tinelli’s landing in the canalwhich is not the same,” he concluded Jorge Rial about the future of Marcelo Tinelli.

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