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Marcelo Tinelli spoke about the alleged fight with Chato Prada: “One goes through difficult times”


Marcelo Tinelli I use the question box on your official Instagram account, and spoke about alleged fight with Chato Prada. He totally denied being in a fight, and stated that they continue working together for the production company and the América Tv channel.

“Nothing happened with Chato, they are inventions they make. They always saw that there is some account that pulls. Above all, there is one that has me blocked from Twitter, I don’t understand why. He is a journalist and he throws anyone, ours are always bad”Tinelli assured after a follower’s question.

Likewise, he said the problems they are going through are purely due to the situation in the country: “Obviously, one goes through difficult times, good, bad, and even more so as a company in Argentina, it is very difficult today, and to give work to so many people for many years, but oh well.”

Then, Marcelo Tinelli He ended the video, and stated: “With Chato I don’t know where that came from. El Chato is working with us on everything that is television, the new programs for America. I love Chato, they are things that come out, they throw them away, but since I don’t like to deny things, I take advantage of this to say: everything is more than fine with Chato.”

What happened between El Chato Prada and Marcelo Tinelli?

In recent days, it was rumored that El Chato Parada had been fired from LaFlia, Marcelo Tinelli’s content production company.

Given this, Mariana Brey gave details in Show Partners (The thirteen) and he said: “On Wednesday I began to hear all this, different information began to reach me regarding the possibility that Chato left. They did not talk to me about firing him, but ultimately it was his personal decision, to separate himself from a production company in which he worked for 30 years.“.

He feels hurt. He feels betrayed, hurt. Some say it’s a question of money. But what hurts him is not the money, but the betrayal“added the panelist about the conflict.

“I met Chato on Friday, at the party he had Angel de Britoand there I took the opportunity to ask him about the alleged dismissal. Obviously he denied it to me, it even took him by surprise, he told me no.“Brey clarified.

At the same time, Rodrigo Lussich He said that the main conflict would be between The Chato Prada and Federico Hoppeand Mariana detailed: “One thing is mixed with the other. On the one hand there is the separation of Chato and on the other hand, something that really surprised me, this breakup of that friendship. Beyond the fact that there may be work differences, there was a friendship built between El Chato and Hoppe, and this is what draws the most attention.”

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