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Marcelo Tinelli’s new makeover: close cut, gradient and platinum


Marcelo Tinelli She changed her look again as she did so many other times in recent times and surprised all her followers.

Amid rumors about a possible crisis with Milett Figueroayour partner, and the dismissal of Chato Prada in LaFlia, Marcelo did not hesitate to go to Il Figaro hair salon to change your hair.

The driver dyed his hair white with platinum sparkles, but the novelty is that he opted for a close cut and with a gradient on his sides. Additionally, he has a mini jopo in the center of his head.

Through his Instagram account, Marcelo He shared the video that the hairdressers recorded and then took a couple of photos to finish showing the final change of look.

“The change of look came… Haircut and bank color”, express Marcelo Tinelli with heart emojis, admiring the people who placed their order.

Marcelo Tinelli change of look 3
Marcelo Tinell’s change of look. (Instagram capture: @marcelotinelli)
Marcelo Tinelli change of look 4
Marcelo Tinell’s change of look. (Instagram capture: @marcelotinelli)

What happened between El Chato Prada and Marcelo Tinelli

Pablo “Chato” Prada broke silence after rumors of scandal with Marcelo Tinelli, and denied having been fired from LaFlia.

Through his Instagram account, the driver’s historic producer expressed: “Good morning. Thank you all for the good vibes and asking. But they didn’t kick me out of LaFlia. We are developing beautiful projects. Big kiss.”

Chato Prada denied having been fired from La Flia
Chato Prada denied having been fired from La Flia. (Capture: Instagram)

In the last few hours, it was rumored that Chato Parada had been fired from LaFlia, Marcelo Tinelli’s content production company.

Given this, Mariana Brey gave details in Partners of the Show (El Trece) and he said: “On Wednesday I began to hear all this, I began to receive different information regarding the possibility of Chato leaving. They did not talk to me about firing him, but that in short it was his personal decision, to separate himself from a production company in the who worked for 30 years.

He feels hurt. He feels betrayed, hurt. Some say it’s a question of money. But what hurts him is not the money, but the betrayal“added the panelist about the conflict.

“I met Chato on Friday, at Ángel de Brito’s party, and there I took the opportunity to ask him about the alleged dismissal. Obviously he denied it to me, it even took him by surprise, he told me no,” clarified Brey.

At the same time, Rodrigo Lussich He said that the main conflict would be between The Chato Prada and Federico Hoppeand Mariana detailed: “One thing is mixed with the other. On the one hand there is the separation from Chato and on the other hand, something that was really surprising to me, this breakup of that friendship. Beyond the fact that there may be work differences, there was a friendship built between “El Chato and Hoppe, and this is what draws the most attention.”

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