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Marcos Ginocchio returns to the Big Brother house: how and when it will be


Angel de Brito confirmed in LAM (America TV) that the last winner of Big Brother (Telefe) Marcos Ginocchio He will return to the house, and this is because the television channel wants him to accompany the 3 finalists during their last hours inside the house. Let us remember that Santiago del Moro confirmed that this year only 3 will reach the final, and not 4 like last season.

“His fans have been asking for it since he left the house”he began by saying De Brito.Marcos Ginocchio received the proposal from Telefe, through his representatives, he had already received the proposal to be in the Debate and said no, he did not want to know anything. Now they offered him to enter the house final,” he detailed.

When does Marcos Ginocchio return to Big Brother?

“What did he say?”he consulted Yanina Latorreand the driver responded: “Yes. Marcos would enter the last days or the last day, I still don’t know how the final is going to be, but Santiago (del Moro) already said that it is three, not four, and the fourth is going to be Marcos who is going to enter to accompany to the three finalists in the last hours inside the house.”

“Up to this point everything is settled, they agreed on the money, a significant sum in dollars. So, if the balls disburse that, Marcos enters. If that’s not there, Marcos stays at his house.”hill Angel de Brito.

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