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María Becerra revealed that she is very critical of herself after her shows: “Now I don’t miss a note”


Maria Becerra He revealed in a recent interview that he decided to take singing classes since his dream of being a singer was already a reality, and he did not want to be embarrassed in front of the public. It was for this reason that he decided to take singing classes and now he can’t miss a note live. The striking thing is that he continues to criticize himself for his preformities.

“Before, singing live, ugh… I was complicated. I accept it. I became professional when I realized that she was a singer and had to sing like the gods. There I said ‘never again’ and I became more critical of myself than ever.”admitted the girl from Argentina.

“I started taking singing classes every day, four hours. And now I get on stage and I don’t miss a note.”stated María Becerra, who went viral in the last few hours for making Leo Messi dance.

When did María Becerra’s pop era begin?

Maria Becerra He launched “Magnet“, long-awaited preview of her next album. After the premiere, La Nena from Argentina officially began her new pop era, and it is already a sensation.

On Friday, May 17, three weeks after having performed a preview of the song during her performance at the Kings League and after ten months since the release of her last solo release, “Corazón Vacío”, the artist returns with a catchy pop song as a letter of introduction to the new era.

Magnet” is presented as a pop statement, impregnated with the distinctive influence of Stockholm, where countless Pop hits were born by Max Martin and Denniz Pop. The song was recorded in MXM Studiosnext to Richard Liohnand Xross (Ecuadorian producer of Maria’s team), who gave it his distinctive seal. Achieving as a result a sound that fuses European pop culture with the unique magnetism of the artist.

“We went to Sweden to collaborate with Max Martin’s team and it was incredible to experiment with a new culture and dynamics in the studio different from what we are used to. We tried different ideas that we had brought, we got a lot of nourishment from them and, finally, with Maria we achieved “create something really special. I feel that working in the birthplace of so many pop anthems was a unique experience and I hope people enjoy “Imán” as much as we enjoyed creating it.”commented the producer Xross.

Maria Becerra

The creative vision and direction of the video clip was in charge of Julian Levy and Lucas Fossatiand was produced by Asalto. “With ¨Imán”, we seek to achieve a new facet for Maria in the world of pop. “Although she already experienced it slightly in the past, now we wanted to achieve an identity that accompanies her in this new era.”, commented Julián Levy, artistic director of Becerra. The video offers the viewer a surreal journey, entering a minimalist art gallery with futuristic hints, where a POP-ART exhibition is displayed: Maria acts as someone exhibiting her masterpiece linked to a piece of chewing gum, the protagonist of the video.

“I am very happy to finally be able to share this topic that little by little we were showing both live and on my social networks. From the conception of a new sound, to the recording in Stockholm, and finally the video clip, everything was a journey to this new era that we have been conceiving for some time. I love what we achieved and that you listen to it and it sticks like gum.” said Calf regarding the launch.

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