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María Fernanda Callejón furiously abandoned a LAM cell phone: “Banquensela, you hit me hard and even”


María Fernanda Callejón She burst out and angrily abandoned a cell phone. LAM (America TV) after a tense talk with the little angels.

Angel de Brito went on vacation and Nazarena Velez took control of the program this Monday. The host presented a mobile phone from the Teatro Colón and asked to speak with Fernanda to talk about her love affair with Fernando Gamboa.

After answering a question about her privacy, the actress fired sharply: “A kiss for LAM, they say I get paid a fortune to go. My love, for 65 thousand pesos I won’t leave my house. In the Milei era, update the values“.

Then, Nazarena consulted him about the strong crossing of Marixa Balli and Guillermo Coppola months ago, and María Fernanda responded: “I appreciated the least expected fight, I never saw him so nervous. They were both telling the truth but with different looks.” And she said spicy: “You defended me, but no one asked you. Anyway, everything is fine. Each one said what he felt. You were by my side, of course…”

Seeing her somewhat irritated, Cinthia Fernández asked her: “Why are you so angry? You’re being a little rude.”

At that moment, while the return was being made, María Fernanda Callejón He burst out and abandoned his cell phone: “Because you are divine… now I really got angry. I say things to your face, what do you prefer, that I say them from behind? We’re chatting, have a good time. Or are you saints? They hit me hard and even. It was nice of me to give you this.“.

It is worth mentioning that the famous woman’s anger with LAM (América TV) also arose as a result of his crossing with Yanina Latorre some time ago, when he was upset by information about their separation and the panelist responded furiously.

What happened between Marixa Balli and Guillermo Coppola

In March, Marixa Balli and William Coppola They starred in a fierce confrontation on the air of LAM (América TV) and said everything.

Diego Maradona’s former representative recalled his accident with María Fernanda Callejón when they had a relationship, and he crossed the artist for saying that he abandoned her hurt.

The ambulance came to look for me, I’m not leaving, I’m not running away. Fernanda meets a married couple who is a friend of hers, who takes her to her house with pain in her neck and forehead. My entire face was bloody and my eye was covered. When Fernanda wakes up the next day, I go to the clinic, where they help me and sew my eyebrow,” he explained. William Coppola in LAM (America TV).

Fernanda went to the Italian Hospital in the morning, they put a neck brace on her, they took out the corresponding plates, her hands and legs were not in casts, and she did not have to be fed.“, he sentenced for the statements that Marixa had made, where she assured that she took care of her because he had left her alone.

I fed her and cleaned her when she had to relieve herself in the Italiano because she was in a cast.” Balli insisted. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. It’s a tremendous fantasy. Is what you’re saying a fictional series?“, Coppola crossed her. “I was present and I cleaned his tail, is that a joke?” Marixa was outraged.

And the businessman retorted without believing him: “I’m going to tell my version. She wasn’t in a cast on her arms and legs, she was with the egg on her forehead and with a prosthetic neck, and I didn’t leave her alone because the ambulance took me to her.” “.

Tired and uncomfortable because of the situation, Marixa Balli He stated: “So I was with a ghost at night, with a doll…”. And he continued in another section of the strong discussion: “You are treating me like crazy, your hint is very direct. What happened blows my mind; However, I was there meeting a friend“.

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