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Mariano de la Canal, very furious with Marixa Balli after her criticism against Marcelo Tinelli


Mariano de la Canal pointed harshly against Marixa Balli after he criticized the production of Dancing 2023 (América TV), a program of which he was a part through streaming.

In the last program THE M (América TV), the panelist recalled her last visit to the program Marcelo Tinelli where he didn’t have the best time. At that time, He had gotten angry with the driver because of an exchange they had and with Fátima Florez for the imitation she made of her person.

However, everything indicates that it was not the only thing that bothered him since he said: “I even asked them for that little glass with glitter and they never gave it to me. The little glass was good, it had rhinestones, Coty used to show it. They told me everything yes and nothing. Fat like few others.”

For that reason, “Wanda’s fan” took advantage of his visit to The LAM Army (Bondi) with Pepe Ochoa and Fede Bongiorno to show his annoyance: “I’m a little angry, yesterday I was watching LAM and Marixa spoke badly about us. The Bailando streaming already happened how long ago? She passed a long time ago.”

In this way, he generated an exchange with the stream hosts, who did not agree with his complaints.

Pepe: He didn’t speak badly of you, he spoke badly of the production. Were you part of the production?

Mariano: But love, it was part of the program. It’s like someone coming here and talking bad about the program.

Pepe: I’m not responsible if the producers are useless.

Mariano: It seems to me that she is not locatedHe doesn’t know where he works. Where she works? How can he be angry because they didn’t want to give him a glass that they used for a ‘goat’?

Faith: And well, but it’s a figure

Mariano: Figures are other people who were. Figures are Yanina Latorre.

What happened between Marixa Balli and Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo Tinelli and Marixa Balli met again live after the tense moment they experienced in the Dancing 2023 (América TV) and, despite the fact that he apologized if he offended her, bills were passed.

Marcelo Tinelli gave a mobile LAM (America TV) and when they asked him about Marixa Ballihe apologized to her: “I make jokes all the time, I apologize if you get angry. I love her and respect her, she is a mine very loved by people too. I love her so much beyond the jokes. If she felt bad and offended, I apologize.“.

Then, the panelist from LAM (America TV) He spoke and answered: “Where I felt kind of bad was the day you asked Federico Hoppe if he had ever seen us together, and that’s when I felt bad.“.

But you are a person with humor… it’s a joke of mine, Mari“Tinelli apologized.”I know, I know you, but it hurt me. You handle situations very well, you are unique in handling a program, so I wondered why you didn’t go the other way… It was like a hoot. I am unconditional, I love you… We are fine. I like that he is admitting that it was a joke, because I don’t lie.“she responded seriously Marixa Balli. And he closed: “At the time it bothered me, and I have a right to be bothered.“.

In turn, at the end of the talk, The artist proposed to the host and artistic manager of América TV to put together his own dog show to air on the channel.: “I have a pet project for Sundays.“. Weeks ago, Marixa Balli had already presented this idea on LAM (América TV) with more details: “I want to do something related to animals. I love animals and I think they are very unprotected. Something about the shelters… Sundays at noon“.


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