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Marina Calabro burst into tears on air when she revealed a message that Marcelo Tinelli sent her: “It caught my attention”


Marina Calabro He burst into tears live on the radio when he revealed a message of affection that he sent him Marcelo Tinelli.

As is public knowledge, the journalist was very critical of the driver on several occasions and their relationship is not the best; However, he put this aside and contacted her.

What happened to Marina Calabro and Marcelo Tinelli

He had a really nice gesture with me, he wrote to me these days to ask me how I was“, he said Marina Calabro during the pass with Yanina Latorre in The Observer 107.9.

“He had a really good gesture, because We are not friends nor do we have a relationship, and he has complained about a lot of things I said. “She goes straight,” she added.

And he continued through tears: “It was great, he left me a very warm and affectionate message, he told me that I didn’t look well“.

I am moved by affection, and even more so when you don’t expect it. I feel loved in the middle… but Marcelo’s thing caught my attention“he explained Marina Calabrowithout giving further details about the content of the writing.

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