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Marina Calabro revealed a scoop that left Yanina Latorre surprised: “I don’t know if I could tell it”


Marina Calabro revealed on the air The Observer who will write a book about Argentine television titled “8”and the news left people speechless Yanina Latorre who began to investigate more about the bomb he dropped in the middle of the night. The moment happened in the classic radial pass.

In the middle of your reconciliation with Rolando Barbanothe journalist stated: “I’m going to give you a scoop. We are going to write a book with Alejandro Ripoll. I don’t know if he could tell it.”. Therefore he added: “It’s going to be about television, and it’s going to have some ratings.”

Finally, Yanina Latorre he asked Marina Calabro if there was already a name, and he launched: “‘8’, because they are the eight key characters who generated some change, some improvement, some contribution to the industry.” And he announced that the first character will be Daniel Hadad, a man who knew how to give him his first job on TV.

Are Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano together?

Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano They reconciled after almost 10 days of distancing. The journalists, who always expressed their love for each other, decided to give their relationship a new chance.

As far as he could know ExitoinLast Thursday, colleagues from Calabró and Barbano saw the couple more than reconciled in the vicinity of Radio Miterwhere they work together serving as panelists on the program Wool Without Filter.

The journalist, political scientist and presenter, 50 years old, and the head of the Police section of the newspaper Clarín and collaborator of the investigation cycle crime chamber together with Ricardo Canaletti, 49, they said goodbye with a kiss on the mouth. Far from the rumors of recent days, they were even heard making plans to go to the movies this weekend, days when the bad weather helps to create an intimate program.

Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano

This coincides with the fact that previously, Barbano participated again in Marina’s columns, they chatted, exchanged knowing looks and laughter, showing that reconciliation was already in the air. In fact, many They captured several “I love yous” between the couple.

The return of the couple is not strange since since their separation became known, both only had words of love for each other, with a hint of pain due to the distance.

On Tuesday, in dialogue with Karina Mazzocco in In the Afternoon (America), Marina Calabro He denied any kind of discomfort between them and was blunt about his feelings. “I love Rolando Barbano with all my heart”, he said, defending him from the evil tongues that spoke of jealousy and anger. She also put an end to any type of conflict with his ex-partner.

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