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Mario Pergolini faced the claim of Radio La Colifata, and denied the arrival of Vorterix to his frequency


Mario Pergolini announced a while ago that Vorterix will change frequencies; However, she has not yet revealed where she will go. For this reason, in the last few hours, she clarified a rumor that circulated days ago.

The driver went through the program rocket in the sun (Vorterix) and faced the claim of Radio La Colifata for the supposed frequency shift with the arrival of Vorterix: “On June 1st we start on a new radio frequency. La Colifata can stay calm, I made sure that it was not that frequency“.

We don’t go at that frequency. We had never said we were going there, they were transcended“, he reiterated. And he detailed: “Today I can tell you that we are going to a new frequency, we are going to one that during the first weeks will not have all the power because we have to give it little by little, but they will be able to listen everywhere”.

What is Radio La Colifata

Radio La Colifata has made a public complaint on the networks where they pointed out against Vorterix and, mainly Mario Pergolinifor supposedly taking away the frequency on which they have been transmitting for more than 30 years.

This project was born to be “a non-profit NGO called Civil Association ‘La Colifata, Mental Health and Communication’which develops activities in the area of ​​research and provides mental health services using the media to create health spaces.”

Since its inception, the radio has struggled to obtain the station’s definitive license, which they obtained but with the change of Vorterix, its continuity was affected. For this reason, its authorities released an official statement explaining that “In recent days, numerous media outlets have reported that our historical frequency, FM 100.3, will be occupied by another well-known station. Without having been officially informed, they leave us without air”.

Official statement from Radio La Colifata

“Paradoxically, they claim that 100.3 FM has neither programming nor air in the AMBA, as if we didn’t existbut they affirm that the move will be with “air cleaning”. Despite these explanations that they recently received, they explained that they had not been notified about said decision and that they found out through the media.

Also, remember that “La Colifata is the first radio station in the world to transmit from a neuropsychiatric hospital.”. Alive, and on the air for more than 33 years, our radio is a mental health project that managed to forge an important place within our national culture. Being, in turn, an inspiration and model for health projects around the world.”

“Five years ago, and after much effort, we were assigned the definitive license to transmit on the FM 100.3 frequency. Today we are one step away from losing it“, they revealed.

Besides, “we have shown that radio – and the media in general – can be useful tools for creating health, helping thousands of people in their process of subjective improvement, and the community to retrace prejudices and develop health actions.”

Finally, they asked their audience for help to try to reverse this situation: “We exist because there was always someone else who made a place for us. We appeal to the entire community so that the voices of the colifatos can continue to be heard with increasing force in the ether“.

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