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Marixa Balli got fed up with Matilda Blanco and confronted her in LAM: “I have my balls on the plate”


Marixa Balli was with the worst of the waves this Monday on LAM (América TV) as a result of the comments of Matilda Blanco about the entrepreneurship of Viviana Colmeneroand far from staying silent, she expressed her anger and confronted her.

What happened between Marixa Balli and Matilda Blanco

There are things that I can’t bank on. Today I can’t stand you. I have the balls on the plate“the former vedette complained.”I arrived happy, they loaded me here in the program“he continued.

Seeing that the anger was with her for making fun of the candles that Colmenero sells and for accusing her of plagiarism, Matilda Blanco He told Marixa: “Don’t feel identified, you are a great businesswoman and entrepreneur, it will have also started little by little…”.

I really value the effort of the people, more than one girl who was a mantera and managed to set up her shop, with what it costs today to pay rent and raise a child. She doesn’t screw up anyone’s life, so… They’re laughing in her face and she’s a girl who really loves it.“Balli burst out. “We all had to fight, if you want I’ll tell you my life,” the image consultant crossed her.

In another section of LAM (America TV) They also made fun of a flower that had Fernanda Iglesias as a necklace, and that ended up exhausting the patience of Marixa Balliwho greatly respects the work of entrepreneurs because she was also one at one point and knows what it costs.

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