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Maru Botana confirmed where he will do his cooking show after failing to reach an agreement with América TV


Maru Botana finally confirmed where he will do his cooking show after failing to reach an agreement with America TV.

The cook was going to be part of the channel whose current artistic director is Marcelo Tinellibut the format was very expensive and they did not reach an agreement.

So much so, that in the last hours Maru Botana announced that it will have a program called Baked with Maruwhich will be released via streaming on Home from Friday, May 17.

Just as you hear it, this Friday comes Baked with Marua program where we chat, play, have fun and also cook“, they expressed from the streaming channel.

Why Maru Botana left América TV

Maru Botana finally he will not do a cooking show on América TV, and Marcelo Tinellicurrent artistic director of the channel, explained the reason.

The journalist Pia Shaw gave the information about the resignation of the cook from the channel, and told in Yanina 107.9 (The Observer): “I had said that Maru Botana He was going to midday in America with a cooking show, but he’s not coming back.

“They told me that he has another commitment in May and he didn’t arrive, everything was going to be very late and they needed him now,” he added.

The driver who takes Maru’s place is Narda Lepes. She debuts on the screen with her American program, with the production company LaFlia, from 12 to 1 p.m.“, revealed.

Given this information, Yanina Latorre communicated with Marcelo Tinelli to confirm or deny it, and finally the driver responded through a message.

The Maru thing was not done because of a budgetary issue. The program was very expensive overall. With Narda it is not completely closed, we almost agree“Tinelli explained.

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