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Mathisen out of hospital after starburst


Brann’s Ulrik Mathisen in a duel with Viking’s Sondre Langås. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB

Of NTB | 14.04.2024 22:53:01

Sport: Ole Didrik Blomberg’s equalizer ensured that Brann made the trip up the west coast to Bergen with at least one point in the bag. In the first half, Lars-Jørgen Salvesen had led Viking in the lead.

Ulrik Mathisen was taken to hospital after a duel with Sondre Langås. Later Sunday night got The Bergen newspaper informed that he has been discharged.

Brann drove on in search of the winning goal on the brink, but had to settle for the one goal, and thus the one point.

– We had constant pressure against us. They roll on and roll on, but we defend well, Viking coach Bjarte Lunde Aarsheim said after the match.

The points division means that both teams have five points after three games played. The match was characterized by a series of tough duels.

– There were many duels and high tension, but that’s how it should be between Brann and Viking, goalscorer Blomberg told licensee TV 2 with a look under his eye.

However, Mathisen managed to get up and walk off the track on his own.

– It’s a terrible bang, said TV 2’s commentator Morten Langli.

– It didn’t look good at all, added expert commentator Solveig Gulbrandsen.

Fire coach Eirik Horneland stated that Mathisen was doing well.

– He was a bit lost in the dressing room, but he remembers the result, when he was born and where he was. He just doesn’t remember what happened, he said.

TV 2 presenter Jan-Henrik Børslid stated live that Mathisen was on his way to hospital for a check-up.

In Saturday’s östfold match between Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg, the former’s Morten Bjørlo was down after a tough duel with Sarpsborg’s Jeppe Andersen.

He didn’t when he put the ball in the crossbar seven minutes later after a lovely strike from Ole Didrik Blomberg.

Gunnarsson was close to conceding a goal when he messed up a pass from Sondre Langås, but the Icelander got away with it.

Lars-Jørgen Salvesen opened the scoring when he nodded in 1-0 after 21 minutes. Joe Bell served a flawless cross to the striker, who beat both Japhet Sery Larsen and Ruben Kristiansen in the air and steered the ball past Brann goalkeeper Mathias Dyngeland.

– It’s a perfect leg. In behind the defence, and Salvesen can only stick it in. Brann’s defense players are scattered. They are not completely in control, said TV 2’s expert commentator Solveig Gulbrandsen.

Fire captain Sivert Heltne Nilsen had to see a header go wide of the post in overtime of the first half. Thus it was 1–0 in favor of Viking as the teams took a break.

The half was characterized by a number of tough duels, and both Salvesen, Gunnarsson and Blomberg were down after various clashes.

Then the equalizer finally came for the visitors when Blomberg took advantage of weak defensive play from the siddis. A poor clearance from Diop bounced down in front of the goal, and both Diop, Gunnarsson and Sondre Langås stood and watched the ball.

In the end, the ball was cleared, but no further than to Blomberg, who easily hammered the equalizer between Gunnarsson’s legs.

– There is complete chaos in the defence, said TV 2 expert Solveig Gulbrandsen from the commentary box.

On the eve of regular time, Finne rounded the goalkeeper and rolled the ball into the goal, but after a VAR check, the goal was canceled for offside. TV images also showed that Ruben Kristiansen had touched the ball with his hand in the build-up to the attack.

On the eve of the match, Mathisen was lying down after a scary duel with Sondre Langås. Replays showed that the youngster landed badly after an already hard blow. He appeared to lose consciousness and medical help was called immediately by both referee and players.

Brann took control of the match early on, and already in the first minute it hit the post of Vikings goalkeeper Patrik Gunnarsson. However, the goal had not stood when Bård Finne was waved offside.

Finne got a huge chance about halfway into the second half. Blomberg played the big scorer free in the Viking box after a mistake by Djibril Diop, but Finne was unable to push the finish between the posts.

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