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Matías Alé confronted Yanina Latorre for mercilessly criticizing his girlfriend: “I don’t want Martina to suffer”


Matías Ale faced Yanina Latorre for harshly criticizing her girlfriend, Martina Vignoloand it was forceful.

Days ago, the LAM (América TV) panelist attacked the comedian and his girlfriend, and killed them for a photo they shared online.

The young woman, 24 years younger than the comedian and originally from Mar del Plata, uploaded a postcard on Corrientes Street to her Instagram stories and wrote: “In the middle of Corrientes Street and with a glass of starbucks. Fulfilling dreams“.

Matías Alé and his girlfriend

Yanina Latorre On Monday he inaugurated the “weekend marginal” section in his program, Yanina 107.9 (El Observador), and analyzed the photo that Martina posted online.

“We have it Matías Ale and his girlfriend. They took a photo on Corrientes Street with a Starbucks glass… It seems that this girl’s dream was to go to Corrientes Street with a Starbucks coffee. Can you be so marginal?“, he stated.

“Do these people know what a dream is? Fulfilling a dream is receiving medical treatment… not that. These two really have nothing on their minds. She is from Mar del Plata, she does not come from the middle of the countryside with a tailcoat, from an indigenous town“, Shooting Yanina Latorre.

What Matías Alé said after Yanina Latorre’s criticism

This Thursday, the actor was in Start the day (City Magazine) and when they asked him about the driver’s comments, he stated: “Martina is new to the scene… so what a Yanina Latorre I criticized that she uploaded a story on Corrientes Street thanking her for having a coffee and it is her dream… Yanina minimized that dream, later I’m going to talk to her“.

“Martina is a woman in a body of 22. She tells me, ‘Mati, I want to be with you, I care about being with you and if I am happy having a hot coffee on Corrientes Street, which I didn’t know, the Bridge of Women, which for me is a lot’. Welcome,” he continued.

I love Yanina, it didn’t hurt me, when I meet her I’m going to tell her. What I don’t want is for Marti to suffer. I want to contain her. Dreams are respected“he clarified Matías Ale.

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